The Virtual Tour


A Virtual Tour takes the viewer somewhere, and shows them around. In the case of Virtual Tour made for commercial purposes the Virtual Tour reveals the facility of your product/service.

Atop this page is the BUSINESS Section. There the concept of value will be examined, revealing the purpose of all advertising and how best to go about it. If you have not viewed the BUSINESS Section, please do so now.


What do you want your potential customer to know?


We are professionals, licensed, bonded.. with a 50 year local track record..


Our kitchen is squeaky clean, the waitresses goofy and the food great?


I'm the boss, Joey is my right-hand man, Billy is one of the installers and all of us are good, human people.. and we even tell jokes.


This machine cost thirty million dollars and it's the reason we can make a (whatever) that is so much better than the rest... cheaper, too.


We're dog lovers, so we built this kennel. You can bring your buddy for a night or a month. While he/she is here they will get the very best food, their cage will be kept clean, they will pass most of their time out in the yard, playing with the other dogs and not even once will they hear a sharp word from anyone here...


All our paint jobs include sanding and reapplying the clear coat until she shines like a diamond - everywhere. That's right - ALL of them. I'll let you take it from there...


When someone goggles places to go in Indiana your town, Nashville will appear, along with the rest. On your web site is a nice video of Nashville. The cameraman walks the street, going into some of the shops. The viewer is left with an impression of a large and fascinating place, definitely worth seeing.

The other five places didn't have a Virtual Tour. So like, where did you go?

The Nashville tour is not yet ready. I do have this one - The Art District in Carmel Indiana. It's a soulful piece, designed to attract the kind of people who buy the 'interesting objects' that fill the shops.




Just like everyone else in your market (i. e. a restaurant) you are posting in your local facebook chat/buy and sell groups. Hopefully, you have a web site. You are doing these things to attract people who find facility in having what you sell - that being some good food and a pleasant experience. Just like everyone else in your market. It's time to up your game.


The proper way to perceive someone seeing what you want them to see is as a chance. You have a chance to create interest in that person for your business. If you do the same things as your competition you can expect your share of the pie. If you do things that literally dwarf the efforts of your competition you can expect a much larger share.


One way to perceive what you need to do is to bring someone out of the digital world and into reality. It's like fishing. And the winner will be an ambush predator - awake, and ready to take full advantage of the opportunity he knows will come his way.


Someone goggles restaurants in your area. Your place appears on the list. Your chance happens. How will you win the battle of which place the person will choose? You will be ready. You will use superior weapons!


Your competition is armed with images, graphics and text. You are packing video. The silence of your competitor's sites is filled with music and people talking... Your screens are filled with motion, and color.


Puts the Power of Digital Communication

in YOUR hands!













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