Audio can be edited, just like still images or video. Audio edits of existing music fall into two categories: Mastering, and RE-Mastering. Audio that is not music can be edited as well - for clarity, noise reduction and making the volume uniform, throughout the clip.




Usually, Mastering is associated with high-dollar recording studios. There is another way, and it works quite well. All you need is a room, a computer and the sound system you already have.


The band plays the song as it is recorded, in mono. The quality of the initial recording does not matter, at all. This recoding will not be part of the final product. This first recording is moved to the cell phones of the performers.


The musicians use the room, one by one. Their amps (ect.) are taken into the room. The line output of their equipment is connected to a digital recorder. Any PC can be used.

The recording is started. The song plays in one of their ears, leaving the other to hear what they are playing. (They wear only one of their ear buds) The musician plays the song, just like he/she was sitting with their band.


The result is a recording of only that musician, playing the song! That mono recording becomes one track, to be mixed into the mastered recording of the song. The single track can be altered, in many different ways, before the mixdown. It can be spread across the stereo spectrum in at least as many ways and effects can be added to it (or parts of it) as required by the mix.




Sadly, the individual tracks are seldom available. It would be logical to believe a well-mastered song can not be improved much. That is false.


Professionally mastered tracks must include everyone; a guy with a boom box or, even worse, a transistor radio with a three inch speaker! What you get from me might make that 'lil speaker buzz... or, set it on fire .) Oh, well.

Please allow me to present one Mr. Cab Calloway, from 1932.




I removed the audio from that youtube vid, then I "worked it over."




Uriah Heep: The Wizard





And now my remaster.

Dragon Virtual Tours Masters and Re-Masters Audio