It's a Digital world


In order to survive (let alone prosper) in a digital world, you need digital tools. Tools most people don't have, and would not want to buy! If they did, learning to use those tools would demand much more time than they can invest.


All of us live in the Digital Reality and all of us can benefit from making use of it. Dragon Virual Tours Exists to put the Power of Digital Communication in Your Hands!


Miss Jenna is a widow, now, at 94. She has her precious old photos scanned; digitized. Her 8mm movies are shot with a modern camera as she shows them, on her old screen. She narrates the video in her own voice then, at the end, she takes the stage as she sends holiday greetings to her family. This year, grandma's present arrived, via email.


A young lady has yet to find the one, at 27. Her dating site allows short videos to be attached to profiles. The guy that came out shot lots of pics and video. He made it into a one minute video. Three years later she's married, has 7 kids and regrets, the whole thing!


A landlord wanted to rent an apartment, quickly. He did, in two days .) Because he used Digital Tools to Communicate, in The Digital Age!




Digital Communication is the tool of the rich, no longer.

Puts the power, in YOUR hands!










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