So the question is, can we make a video?


We made this one

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OK - those that want documentary series already know, where to get them. But consider the stone cold nerve of anyone who thinks they can do a documentary series alone, from first shot to final render. Then consider the fact they acually managed to pull it off!


It's like, all too easy to find some video cat that talks big. Ask them, 'where's the beef?' and the room gets quiet. Then ask yourself: If Dragon Virtual Tours can do THAT, what can't they do?


So the question is, what can we do, for YOU!


A mother plans a big family get together to celebrate her daughter's first birthday. Many family members shoot stills. Some record video clips. Maybe she wants someone to come and shoot the event. Maybe not. It is, after all, a family affair. Ether way, Dragon Virtual Tours will make a wonderful video that will live on...


You're a business. You're aware of the potential in social media advertising - that being people are already there, and they see your add without having to find you. You have no idea of how to create an EFFECTIVE video, or even a graphic, that will produce results.



The 30 second spot (facebook) video



Trying to 'close the deal' in your ad is a MISTAKE. Don't make it. Don't answer questions. Create them. Interest is what you are trying to create. New customer CONTACT is the goal - not making sales.

Most people fail to consider the format being imposed in a 30 second spot and the requirements necessary, to be effective, in that format. That format is: from zero to interest in 30 seconds. Your ad should be designed with it's three parts, in mind: WOW NOW POW.


You gotta 'wow' them, right when the ad scrolls onto the screen. If you don't you will be ignored - I guarantee it! Your first few seconds will hold the attention of your viewer, or not. If not, your ad will not be nearly as effective as it might have been.


Here, between the Wow and the Pow, is where you put what you want your customers to see. You have precious little time. Don't try to sell it. Just make potential customers interested, then CURIOUS because contact, with a potential customer, is what it's all about!


What you put at the end is what stays, with your viewer. An image of what you're trying to sell backed by some interesting audio. Keep it simple and steady. Cause even more curiosity if possible.


It's important to define success. Your ad CREATED INTEREST, which resulted in contact, with potential customers.



I made this to demonstrate the WOW NOW POW nature of a successful 30 second spot. First it wows, then delivers it message. Then, the coup de gras!


Sound on?

FUN Sample Video


The next question is, How Much?

If we get too busy we will raise our prices, to control that. So, the best thing for you to do is use the contact link, above, RIGHT NOW - before, our prices go up. Right now, because you won't get it, any cheaper!

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