When my furnace quit I scanned the web for places to fix it. One of the places said they could get here fast. I chose that one. My house was getting cold.



Facility, is the root, of all value. Business 101, day one, hour one.



Every small business tries to become a bigger business. That involves communication. People don't know you exist and they don't care. They will notice you if, and only if you offer facility (in the many forms it takes) to them.



The money you spend on advertising may return a profit. MAY. It's not guaranteed - that's for sure! Don't pay someone for an ad that showcases their bag of tricks. The fanciest, coolest ad ever, with scrolling text and graphics flashing by so fast they are hardly seen, WILL NOT work. Because it offers the viewer nothing.



Nobody wants a car. They just want to get there. Nobody wants a camera. They just want the pics. Nobody wants a house. They just want to be safe, dry and warm. How many of these can you write? They share a common theme - FACILITY.



Who you are; what business you're in, does not matter. Your potential customers share something. They perceive facility in having what you sell. Any ad you design should expose, then promote that FACILITY. Because FACILITY is, quite simply, what the potential customer wants.



The 30 second spot begins by showing women (that's important) sitting in a living room, wearing coats and complaining, because they are cold. They're saying the furnace guy can't come up with the part until tomorrow.


The man of the house (that's important) puts a small electric heater on the coffee table. "This little guy really works! It will raise the temperature in a 9x12 room by four degrees, in 10 minutes. (The people are warming their hands, near the heater) And it's safe. It doesn't draw a lot of current. It won't set your house on fire.


In a nasty basement a guy asks if that little thing will keep it warm, down here. Another guy says no, of course not. But it will keep our pipes from freezing. I bought three of these online, a while ago. Thought it might be a good idea to have them around..


Are you getting this? Don't show me the heater. Like, who cares? Tell me why I want the heater; what it can do for me; how I am putting my family and my home at risk, by not having one! Yeah - do THAT, and I'll buy one, right now. And casting me as the hero is icing, on the cake.

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